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How it Works

Ozone is Effective

Ozone kills 99.9% of bacteria that it comes in contact with. This includes odor causing bacteria and illness causing viruses and pathogens, including the MRSA “superbug” that cause staph infections.

Ozone is Safe

Ozone is completely harmless and safe to handle. The primary reason for this is that ozone is impossible to store; it must be created and used on-site. In the process of destroying odor, ozone decomposes into harmless oxygen.

Ozone is used in thousands of commerical processes including the treatment of drinking water and food. Ozone has been approved by the FDA for use in preventing microbial buildup in food containers, and food itself!

Using ozone with any medium, whether it be in its liquid or gaseous state, does not require the addition of any chemicals.

Ozone generators produce ozone by adding energy to oxygen molecules, resulting in oxygen molecules splitting into individual oxygen atoms. The atoms then temporarily bond with other oxygen molecules, thus creating ozone.

Better Than The Rest

Ozone works better than anything else on the market because it is the most powerful oxidant and disinfectant out there.

Ozone leaves no residue behind. No chemical agents can say that. Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine are not only less effective oxidants, they also leave potentially toxic residue behind!

What’s even better is that your gear will be left with a refreshing smell comparable to that of after a summer storm.

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